Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gardening with Wine Corks

I’m a big fan of reusing junk around the house.  I have to be careful or I end up becoming a little ‘hoardy’ as Hubster calls it.  Thankfully I have a lovely vase that I keep all of my many many (too many maybe) wine corks in.  Thus, it’s ‘decorative’ and not hoardy! 

I have a delightful little Peace Lily that I bought on eBay (I know, crazy that you can buy plants on eBay!) a few weeks before I had Kidster.  It has now multiplied as they are known to do.  I have a few pots from Ikea that do not have any drain holes in them.  In the Houston humidity it is a must for plants to have adequate drainage or you end up with root rot and no one wants root rot! 

The pots were a bit too shallow to use my trusty river rocks so I racked my brain trying to find a suitable alternative. I traversed the internet far and wide and came across a few different blogs that mentioned using corks in the bottom of the pot.  Thanks to Apartment Farm I found someone had done this very thing.  I didn’t want to make a huge mistake in case corks had some kind of anti-plant chemical in them.

It’s a pretty straightforward idea.  Slice corks into little disks and line the bottom of the pot in 2 layers.  This allows the water to drain and NOT sit in the soil. The sad part is that no one will ever know they are there but you and who doesn’t like to show off their work?

Slice the corks about a half inch. IMG_2467

Place the pieces in the bottom of the pot.  About two rows. IMG_2468

Fill with soil and plant.  Lovely!


What a great way to use up the “decorative” corks around my house!


What is your favorite way to reuse wine corks?



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