Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save the Remover!

Last week I told you about Citrustrip.  This week we’re talking about a much different type of paint remover.  Nail polish remover!  I’m sure you’re familiar with the cotton ball / paper towel soaked in remover method.  It always seems like it’s a waste of the precious fluid and takes forever to actually remove the polish.

I have a ton of baby food jars leftover from when Little Man ate the stuff.  I realized that the salons usually soak your hands to remove the polish more efficiently.  Put those two things together and there you go.

Simply fill your baby food jar with a bit of nail polish remover and soak a finger or two for about 30 seconds.  Then the polish will just rub right off.  You’ll even be able to pour the leftover remover back into the bottle, good as new.


I’ve posted a few blogs while soaking off my polish.  I’ve become quite adept at typing with one hand!

What’s YOUR favorite nail tip?


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