Thursday, July 24, 2014

Regrow Green Onions (Scallions)

Thankfully Hubster is the cook in our house.  He uses a lot of fresh produce and even though it’s generally pretty inexpensive it would be nice to get more for my money! 
This week’s Green Thumb Thursday topic is re-growing green onion from the leftovers.
I originally came across this blog post from TheKitchn - Re-Growing Green Onions. I was pretty excited about it because Hubster buys a lot of green onions and we have a fairly large window sill in our kitchen.
Simply cut the green onions leaving about 3 inches at the bottom.  Place in a jar with water (I used baby food jars, you can also use a glass or a mason jar). Put the glass in a window and wait a few days.  This is growth from about a week or so.
Re-grown green onions!
I have two other baby food jars with green onions in different stages of growth.  Whenever Hubster needs more green onions he just cuts back a bit of the oldest one. 
Check back next Thursday to find out how to regrow more produce from the grocery store!
What is YOUR favorite thing to re-grow?

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