Thursday, July 17, 2014

Propagating Peace Lily

Peace Lily’s are beautiful house plants that can grow quite large and have exotic white flowers.  These are generally easy to care for in a window sill with a bit of water now and again. 

My favorite thing about the Peace Lily is that they multiply quite easily.  You can plant one in a large pot and let it run wild or you can pot a small one in a windowsill pot and occasionally remove the ‘babies’ to their own pot. It’s not difficult and very hard to damage the plant. 

This a great ‘go to’ gift for a new homeowner, Mother’s Day, birthday, or “Welcome Wagon”. You could print up a little note, put the newly potted baby into a gift bag and there you go!

I let my own Peace Lily go a bit too long before separating the babies.  If you keep an eye on them you easily see when it’s made more and it is a lot less complicated to separate.

Pull out the whole plant. IMG_2470

Find where there new plants growing from the ‘parent’.IMG_2471

Repot new growth into a new pot. Enjoy!IMG_2472

It’s really hard to kill these plants but it’s nicer to use your hands instead of scissors to separate the new growth from the parent plant.  This one plant had made 4 new baby plants!  It was a bit like detangling yarn but the kids were asleep so I just jumped right in.  It’s normal for a few leaves to die after replanting so don’t worry if you see a bit of yellow in a few days!

What is YOUR favorite type of houseplant?



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