Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Natural Curls in 15 Minutes

I have long thick hair that holds a curl very well but there is just SO much of it that I avoid curling it because trying to keep the sections separated and uniform is really hard to do.  Getting the strands at the back of my head is really a pain too.  Imagine the black and white video portion of the ‘As Seen on TV” items.  “Ug! It’s Too hard!”  Well.  Rather than spending $19.99 for something that doesn’t work Abut just looks like it does through the magic of TV try this little trick.  If you have normal to thin hair you can use just a regular pony tail and not have to turn to the piggy tails. 

My baby sister was in town and babysat for Kidster last night.  I told her about my new favorite way to curl my hair.  It was an offhand comment between our QuizUp matches but she seemed to take it to heart.  She texted me at 10:49am “Tried curling my hair in piggy tails and it’s life changing.”  My response, of course, was “LOL!  I know, right?!”  To which she said, “It took like 15 minutes”.   That’s when I told her she had to be my To Neat Tuesday model.  Because all ladies need to know the super easy trick to flowing pretty curls without all the yoga moves.

She came over and spent some time teaching Kidster to blow into the whistle on her keychain and then we got to work.

Put hair up into a high pony tail for normal to thin/fine hair.  Put hair up into high piggy tails for normal to thick hair.


Curl hair in one piggy tail.


Curl hair in the other piggy tail.


Let curls cool.  Once cool remove rubber bands.


My iron wasn’t hot when we started so one side isn’t as curly as the other… My fault.  Still, looks pretty great!


My baby sister, Jamster. 


What is YOUR favorite hair trick?


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