Friday, July 18, 2014

Flash Card Books

Kidster has gotten to an age where she doesn’t just chew on books.  She’s actually interested in sitting down (in my lap of course!) and reading her little board books.  I really want to make sure that she’s as well prepared for school as I can make her.  I shopped around on for flash cards and they all range from $4 for a box of 50 up to $50 for a whole curriculum.  Flash cards aren’t going to be the sole form of education in this house but they will certainly provide a good visual aid.  Especially when we’re eating lunch or waiting in line at the store. 

Kidster and I look at the pages and I tell her what is on them.  A letter or a number or a color, etc.  You can also use the books for faces of family members to help learn names.  It will start to get really fun when she’s telling ME what is on the page!

 Flash Card Book

Check back next week when I share a cheap ‘hack’ for loose cords in the nursery.

What is YOUR favorite educational project?


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