Thursday, April 17, 2014

Snapfish Hack

I am pretty organized when it comes to pictures of Kidster.  I save them in folders with the age or the occasion as the title.  I use Snapfish (this should work with Shutterfly also) to create prints or books, or even gifts for family because they claim to have ‘unlimited’ storage.  Currently, you can only upload photos to one folder at a time. 

In order to get all of the photos uploaded from different files INTO different albums I've figured out a 'hack'.

Here are the photo files from Kidster's first month.
Each folder title is her age.  Makes it a lot easier when creating books.
These websites only allow you to upload the photos.  You are not able to simply select the folder.  So you would have to select the folder and then select the pictures.  All of the photos would just be thrown into one 'album'. In order to make your online account more organized simply open a new tab and upload to a new album named the same as the folder.
15 Tabs? Crazy talk!
You can see here that I had 15 Snapfish tabs open.  I was in the process of organizing Kidsters photos when I realized there were duplicates all over the place with weird file names.  So I deleted them all and re-uploaded them from my computer.  It takes a little while but you end up with a much more organized online account.
Quite a bit more organized.  Be sure to select "edit album details" and change the dates so that they all line up. I'm a lot more likely to make the cute photo books and get prints of Kidster now that I know what age the photos are taken of.
What's YOUR favorite computer 'hack'?

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