Tuesday, April 1, 2014

(A Little Late) Valentine's Day Play Group "Craft"

The day before Valentine's Day I hosted a "Cookie Decorating" play date at my house.  I went to the store thinking, "Hey, I DON'T have to make from scratch cookies."  I was going to buy the refrigerated dough and just do it the 'new fashioned' way.  Man, those things are expensive for only 12 cookies!  Even the cookies at the bakery would have been pretty high.  So I left the store with my usual, a package of butter and some food coloring. 

I found a simple recipe online for sugar cookies.  I used this recipe because it had the word "best" in it. They can't print that on the interwebs if it isn't true, right?  It was also the only recipe that didn't call for something weird like egg whites or Crisco (shiver).   The Best Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe

They were right.  It was the BEST!

Lovely lovely cookie dough! Thankfully it wasn't too hard. 

This is my trying to be creative.

More creativity
Getting practice in for St. Patty's Day

Lovely heart shaped cookies!

Lisa loves Hubster!

Child decorated cookies!
The mom's all brought decorations and frosting for the cookies.  So much so that I will be able to host the party next year without any donations!  I have a lot of red sprinkles and icing at this point so I might need to figure out another cookie that might have a red theme...4th of July maybe?

The party was a success and I had a good time.  The mom's loved the cookies and were pretty impressed that I made them from scratch.  

Making these cookies really made me happy that I started this journey of 'learning how to bake'.  I don't get stressed out baking anymore, I actually look forward to it!  I look forward to sharing with people yummy treats!

What is YOUR favorite cookie decoration?

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