Thursday, April 10, 2014

Frozen Yogurt Drops for Kids

It seems like the 'baby food' aisle is getting shorter and shorter.  The products also seem to be getting more and more full of weird ingredients and preservatives that I can't pronounce.  They are great for 'on the go' and all that but really they seem so expensive for such a small amount of 'food' for Kidster and Little Man.

I came across the idea of making 'frozen yogurt drops' somewhere on the internets, possibly late at night very likely Facebook or Pinterest.  The exact 'recipe' evades me but no matter because it's very simple.

Buy greek yogurt, the full fat kind if you're feeding it to little ones or a lesser fat kind if this is for you. It must be greek yogurt because it tends to hold its shape for a little while.  You really don't want a runny yogurt for this project. Place yogurt into small plastic baggie or frosting bag. Cut small hole in bag corner.  Squirt onto a small pan that will fit in your freezer, I used a large plastic storage container lid.  Make sure the drops are about the size of a nickel.  It they are too small they melt too fast.  You can make them larger if they are for an adult treat.

Freeze.  This only takes about an hour or so.  Then using a spatula scrape them into a baggie or small container.  Store in freezer.  These come in really handy when your little one is teething and refusing to eat anything except a bottle of milk.  These also come in really handy when the grown ups are trying to lose a bit of weight and are really hankering for some ice cream!

I've tried to blend other fruits or peanut butter into the yogurt to make these have a bit more nutrition but alas, it just ends up way to thin and wont hold the shape long enough to freeze.  I bet I could make it in a small sheet pan like the old school Jello Jigglers idea but it just seems like too much work.

Yummy frozen yogurt drops!
I just realized I have silicone muffin 'papers' that I could use if I blend together fruit and yogurt.  I will be attempting this next!

What is YOUR favorite frozen treat?

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