Monday, April 14, 2014

Cookie Press FroYo

I'm pretty sure I'm becoming the 'cookie lady' among my friends.  My friend Leah gave me a Wilton Cookie Pro II for my birthday and I was pretty excited!  

I haven't make cookies with it yet, oh but I will, mark my words! Kidster has been cutting molars and just generally an unhappy kiddo.  So I figured I would make her some froyo drops to help with the ouchies of cutting big teeth.  I haven't had the patience to make them the usual way in a baggie.  So I thought I would use my new toy.  

Since it was my first time to use the contraption I made a few mistakes, put the disc in wrong, etc.  But what I ended up with was really awesome! I saw that there was a recipe for cheese crackers so I think I'll be using this to make more 'goldfish crackers' the easy way. 

For these delectable froyo drops for the kids just put greek yogurt into the press and squeeze out onto a flat surface.  I happen to have a small baking pan for kids so I used that.  Kidster really liked them!

Flower shaped FroYo drops!
What's YOUR favorite way to use a cookie press?

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