Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scentsy Trick

Hubster used to spend a lot of money on scented candles.  I think part of it was because he grew up with 5 sisters and new that ladies like a pretty smelling house when the come over. (I DID marry him so he was doing something right!)

My mother in law gave me a Scentsy burner and a brick of delicious smelling vanilla.  I would use it for special occasions and never really thought much about it.  That is until my sister started selling Scentsy.  I did the research...and it turns out that having the small outlet plug in Scentsy burners in different rooms in the house was actually cheaper and SAFER than having scented candles, especially since Hubster liked the pretty spendy ones.  IF you've ever left a scented candle burning for a while you realize you just spent $8 to perfume one room for one day.  Not cool in my checkbook, not cool at all.

I figured that if I bought 5 bricks of different scents from my sister I could have different smells for different rooms and different occasions.  Hubster likes them so much that he'll actually call the command to "Scentsy this place up!" before we have guests.  It's also just a nice way for a stay at home mom to feel like her home is as pretty as it can be.  Don't get me wrong.  I am certainly no Martha Stewart (did you SEE my muffin debacle?) but there is just something about yummy spring smells during the spring or delicious baking smells during the winter to really boost your spirits.

I'm not trying to sell you Scentsy at all.  I actually only buy the bricks from my sister but the burners from Wally world (yuck..) but this is for all the Scentsy users out there who may not have heard of this trick.

So let's say that you have a lovely floral scent in your living room but you're looking for a change and the wax hasn't quite run out of smell.  OR it may have run out of smell and you just want it gone.  There are a ton of ways you get the still warm wax out that require possibly burning yourself or spilling wax on your precious new laptop.  *Perish the thought!*

I'm a woman who likes change.  I thrive on it.  I use a different spot for my 'writing' all the time because I feel like it's inspiring. 'mom office' is still a work in progress and is NOT inspiring, but more on that later right?  I like to change my scents pretty often and don't want to throw out a perfectly good wax blob of goodness.

Get to the point already right?!  Here is the simple answer.  Put your burner with the cool/solid wax still in it, in the freezer.  Leave it there for at least 10 minutes or so.  When you open your freezer this is what you will most likely see.  Pretty awesome huh?

Scentsy wax removed.  Easy!
I have a small glass jar under the sink that I put all of my almost used waxlets.  Yes, waxlets, I just made that up but it seems fitting right?  I'm on a roll today, must be the "Enliven" scent I had in my writing nook for a bit.  The Kidster's room is usually "White Tea and Cactus" and Little Man's room is usually "Serene Green".  Something about the green smells that really help with the... "brown" smells.

What is YOUR favorite room scent?

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