Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Surprising Hubster

I love love love to wrap his gifts so that he has no idea what he's getting.  He's been wanting a new video game for his Nintendo DS.  He was talking about it all the time like a little kid.  It was really cute. So I bought it for him.  But those games come in boxes that are super obvious. I didn't want him to know he was getting this fancy pants game, not right away at least.

Ferrero Roche was my ticket to sneaky land!  It was so much fun doing this I gave him the gift early so I could see his face!
Mmmmmmm Variety pack chocolates!

I printed the photo of the chocolates. Here is the game, and the now empty box. 

Cut the photo to the size of the box.  MS Word helped a bit with the sizing.
I wrapped the game in black tissue paper. 

You can't tell from first glance that those are NOT the chocolates you are looking for!

Muwahahahah! Empty box of Chocolates!  Take that Forrest!

Slide the game in.  I had to smoosh a toilet paper roll to make it more secure. 
He was pretty sad that all he got for Valentine's Day was a box of chocolates.  Delicious as they are.  Then he turned it on it's side and saw that there were NO chocolates to be had!  He was really happy about the game and even though he didn't really say it, I know he was impressed with my sneaky wrapping tactic!  I was pretty proud of myself, that's for sure!

What's YOUR favorite to 'present' a present?

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