Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Citrustrip–Arcade Machine

Hubster recently purchased a very rough, very used arcade machine.  You know, the kind that is in a big cabinet that stands in the corner of the laundromat and usually stars one of the Pac Man family members.  It’s been a dream of his for the last few years to create what is called a MAME Machine (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).  He found this beat up machine on Craigslist for only $75 and brought it home.  I was a little chagrined at the idea because that’s a lot of money.  Evidently there were ‘boards’ in it that he was able to sell and make back quite a bit of the money spent so he was forgiven.  A man needs a hobby right?

The previous owner had, sadly, painted over the entire cabinet thus covering any of the original and therefore ‘vintage’ decals.  Very sad indeed.  He’s a big nerd and of course did much research about how best to remove this offensive paint.  He came across a product called Citrustrip.  It doesn’t have the scary toxic fumes you think of when it comes to removing paint effectively.  It actually made the workshop/ garage smell a bit nicer than usual.

Here are few photos of the process. 

photo (1)photophoto (3)photo (4)photo (5)

Just spread the product on.  Let sit and then scrape it off.  Really easy!  Turns out there was an old school “Centipede” game underneath!  The decal was a bit too torn up to salvage so it was scraped off also.  The whole cabinet is now down to the naked wood layer. Hubster is in the works creating a decal of his own.  This will be an ongoing project so keep checking back every Tuesday for updates!

What is YOUR favorite household product?


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  1. Wow so cool! Too bad the centipede decal was torn because it us awesome!!


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