Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tickling The Keys

Recently Zoltan and I were talking about music and I made the comment that I'd always wanted to learn to play the piano but that now at 33 it's a bit too late.  I was always a Tori Amos fan and just love the sound of the piano.

Much to my supreme JOY he replied (a bit offhandedly) that he had a $2,000 fancypants (replace fancypants with the brand and specs) keyboard at his dads house and we could go pick it up this weekend.

Well readers, I'm now a proud owner of a fancypants keyboard, stand and amp!


You can't see it but I've put post it notes on the keys for C chord, Fmaj7 and F6!  I downloaded "Learn and Master Piano" and so far so good!  I have headphones so I can practice quietly but I mentioned to Zoltan that the baby should hear the sounds too.  Even if it's not quite music yet, it's stimulating sounds.  So he rummaged around and found an amp in a closet.  Voila!  Piano lessons begin!

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