Monday, October 22, 2012

Movie Monday!

I spend all weekend running around and just generally full of energy.  Laundry: Check!  Pumpkin Carving: Check! Dishes: Check! Spending time with my Hubby: Check!

Monday comes and with it comes my 8 hour data entry job.  The ankles swell, the eyelids flutter and I'm out for the count as fast as you can say 045127374567!  (Data entry joke...)  So I come home and I bring the tireds (as we call them) home with me.

I took a nap and my husband woke me up at 6:30 because he knew I'd be bummed if I slept through the day.  What did I do?  What grand plans for Monday did I enthusiastically fulfill?

I ate queso and watched The Lorax.

Yup.  I didn't even replace my pants.  I put on a nightgown, ate queso at the coffee table and watched a children's movie. All the while complaining that "I don't want to get up!"  My husband, sweet queso maker that he is, said, "You don't have to. Just lie down and watch your movies.You don't have to do anything."


He's right though.  We are in the last week of the second trimester and it's only going to get weirder after this and lots of rest is needed.

The muffins won't, in fact, make themselves but maybe tomorrow I can give them a helping hand.

Do you have trouble getting motivated on Mondays?  What do you do to get out of the nap funk?

P.S. Be sure to check out The Feisty Organics blog.  You won't be sorry!  Chockfull of fun information and inspirational ideas!


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