Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Laundry Tip

Being pregnant means some days I've got oodles of energy and others I just really want to sleep through the day.  But as they say, Laundry Waits for No Woman!

Our new apartment came equipped with a HUGE washer and dryer set which I love.  Our old apartment had nada, which of course, meant weekly trips to the laundromat.  Now let me tell you, laundry and few beers at the icehouse next door was kind of fun.  But now that alcohol is off limits it's just a chore!

I got into a habit here with our lovely in house appliances of throwing laundry in at night, drying and folding the next day. The only problem with that is the towels just couldn't wait to be dried and would end up smelly by the time it came to dry!

My current trend and hopefully, new habit, is to avoid filling the washer to capacity and just hoping that I have enough energy to finish the task.  One small wash/dry/fold a night and I think soon we will be on our way to having clean and clean smelling clothes and towels.

Wish me luck!

What are your laundry habits?  Anything I should try?


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