Sunday, October 7, 2012


I've created this blog to help document the experience of becoming a mommy. Just a quick introduction to get this little ball rolling into something larger and squishier.

My name is Lisa Fabry.  My husband Zoltan and I are 33 years old.  We got married on 11/11/11.  In February we decided that I was going to stop taking birth control.  On his birthday, 6/5/12 we found out we were pregnant.  The first 5 months seem to have just crawled by.  No morning sickness, nothing really to make my new day to day life of a pregnant woman any different than had I just decided to stop drinking for no reason.

I chose the name Fabrycated Mom as a play on words.  Fabricated (the correct spelling) means, to make or create. I'm not the most emotional or maternal person I've ever met and I feel that becoming pregnant has really started to make me a mommy.

At 5.5 months pregnant things are starting to become exciting now.  There are plans and purchases and kicking and ultrasounds (it's a girl!) and all kinds of other little things that make looking forward to a new baby a bit more, well, Real.   It's amazing.  We had a gender reveal party and have had so many friends and family that are so happy and excited for us also.

I'm a nerd.  I'm a planner and an organizer.  But, I'm an Aries an can be a bit prone to starting new things and not finish them. I'm hoping that this blog will be something that will keep me in line, keep me in check.  We shall see, eh?

I'll be sharing the little triumphs, the free online printables, the crafty recipes for disaster and the general trials and tribulations of a first time mom.  I'm a fan of sharing knowledge and just all around fun things I find online.  Not to mention the random musings of an energetic and sometimes crazy wife.

I'm still currently working but after the baby is born I will be joining the ranks of the Stay At Home Mom. I'm excited about this because I'm totally built to be Household Manager!

So hang on to your hats (or parasols or loose change) and prepare to be entertained, informed and probably a little confused.


Due Date: 2-11-13

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