Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lean on Me!

I met up with my Expectant Moms group this afternoon and it was simply lovely!  We're all due at different times (Thanksgiving, New Years Eve and Valentine's) so some of us are further ahead than others.  The amazing thing about having  a small support group is you get more than just information, you get to talk to other people who genuinely care about you and what you're going through and you're able to give that care right back.

It's a bit different than spending time with your close girlfriends.  There's a natural bond with other pregnant women that will most likely continue for quite a while to come.  I wish I'd met them sooner!

We went to a local park and I got to use my fancypants camera and some ideas I found on Pinterest to take beautiful maternity photos of these lovely ladies.  I hope they all come out ok!

I just can't say enough nice things about these ladies and I look forward to meeting their son/daughter soon!

What kind of groups are you involved in?

Next up: Making muffins with one banana and two packets of instant oatmeal, wish me luck!



  1. I am not in a lot of groups but, I do crafts with friends and I tutor 5 year olds after school if that counts!

    1. Thanks for the comment KL Lockridge! I love your blog The Feisty Organics at; welcome to mine! Groups of all kinds are wonderful. I think the sense of community is really what enriches our lives.

  2. I'm glad you have a group of ladies to bond with during this experience. I hear it does wonders; I didn't have the opportunity. I hope the baby is resting you well.


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