Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little By Little

It's a rainy day and I've decided to start organizing different parts of our life, starting with the grocery list.  We end up spending too much and buying things we don't always need.  "Honey, I think we already have 3 cans of diced tomatoes..."

I downloaded a terrific grocery list from Free Grocery List Template .   It's really easy to personalize so I found our recent shopping list / receipt and just added the things we buy most often.  We do tend to make the same things every week and this will help keep up from forgetting things!

I went ahead and printed 3 copies to keep in the recipe binder in the kitchen.  It'll be hard to train hubby to use it but I'm sure it will make my shopping life easier!


  1. I love this! I might have to be a copy cat and try it out. :)

  2. By all means! Let me know if you tweak it!


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