Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eeek! Zombies!

Tonight was a new episode of Walking Dead, which, I've never seen. My friend Katie doesn't have cable and I was more than happy to have her come over and end a lovely weekend with food, friends and Zombies!  Or 'walkers' as I believe they are called to fans of the show.

I made Italian Chicken from Our Story Blog.  I had originally found the recipe on Pinterest.  

It turned out really yummy and I also discovered that I do NOT like artichoke hearts.  Thankfully it wasn't a main part of the dish so I just handed them over to Katie and Zoltan.  I used fresh basil from my garden and there was enough for Zoltan, Katie and I to all have some for lunch tomorrow.

Katie was super sweet and brought over Pumpkin ice cream and apple pie.  Two things I've been really wanting this time of year, and pregnancy.  :-)

After watching, and screaming at, Walking Dead we were still too full to eat dessert so maybe tomorrow we'll have to watch the very first episode and enjoy dessert!

How do you feel about zombies?  Love them or leave them?


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