Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Entertainment Organized

Hubster and I recently purchased a new TV.  Its huge and flat and just really looks futuristic.  We originally bought the 'wall mount' kit from Best Buy for way to much money.  Hubster found the same thing on Amazon so we immediately returned it and waited patiently for our package to arrive from Amazon.  

In order to keep the wires hidden from sight you simply drill a hole in the wall, run the wires down behind the wall and pull them out at the bottom close to the outlet.  We have a Wii, a Roku, a laptop and a stereo receiver all attached to the TV so we just ran those same wires up behind the wall and attached them to the TV.  Pretty neat huh?

Like something from "Back To The Future"
All of these things require power.  So for only about $20 we purchased a long 'power strip' that attaches to the wall.  We can plug in everything and it all stays very neat and tidy.  Eventually there will be labels so we know what is what.
Power strip attached to wall behind TV stand. 
What's YOUR favorite way to keep organized?

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  1. Nice work! Our flat screen is on a pedestal sitting on what used to be our end tables… I still SO need your organizational help and a de-cluttering comando raid here at my place.


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