Monday, February 3, 2014

"You're Turning Violet, Violet!"

It all started with a playgroup and a sale...

I recently joined a new playgroup in my area and I offered to host a rather large group of ladies and babies (why didn't we name our group that?!)...    I've been trying to bake more often so when Evelyn grows up we can do it together.  The grocery store had giant boxes of blueberries on sale and I had fed so many of them to Evelyn that she was sure to turn blue at some point.  So I decided to make a blueberry cakey cookie with them.  I literally looked up 'cakey cookie recipe' in the Google box.  And this is the recipe that  I found: Chocolate Chip Cookie: The Cakey Version . I know I know, *GASP* why didn't I make them with chocolate chips?  Well you see, I only had about 1/8 cup of chocolate chips and I had about 2 lbs of that's why.  

The cookies were Ah-Mah-Zing!  But my husband made a comment that they needed a little bit of something.  Then he suggested a lemon icing.  He is a genius.  So I make a simple lemon icing with a bit of powdered sugar, lemon juice straight from the bottle shaped like a lemon and half and half.

Just one lonely little needs something....
Many happy cookies with a lemon icing!
My playgroup ate them up.  There were only about 4 left after everyone had gone home so it was left to me to eat them all up!

What is your favorite cookie?  Cakey? Chewey? Crunchy?

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