Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Apple Cookies

I was expecting a few of my mom friends to come over to play and thought to myself that we had quite a few Gala apples sitting in the bowl that needed desperately to be made into cookies.  I used this recipe: Apple Cookies with Sour Cream and Raisins  The recipe called for raisins but alas, I have no raisins so I simply left them out.  No biggie there.

The recipe said "finely chopped apples with skins".  I used my handy dandy corer cutter for my apples and threw them into the food processor.  I rarely get to use the thing and I was quite happy with how easy it was to 'finely chop' the apples.

Finely chopped apples with skin a la Food Processor
First you cream the butter and sugar and then sift together these ingredients.  I went ahead and added in a few dashes of apple pie spice because, well, what goes better with apples than apple pie spice?

Dry ingredients getting all sifty with it.
I was supposed to use sour cream.  It seemed that it was a fancy way to replace half the usual butter amount with some else.  I went with it.  Sadly the only sour cream we have is "Light" so I'm sure it was a little less creamy.  But that's how I do things around her.  Work with what I have right?

Sour cream, apples, and 'nilla.
The butter and sugar sure do look nice together don't they?

Creaming the day away...
The finished cookies were a bit on the bland side.  No apple flavor at all.  The only way you knew there was apples in there was because of the peels.  It had a 'quick bread' like banana bread texture.  Not terribly delicious but still satisfying to that sweet tooth.

Not bad, not great, but not bad.
I'm sure I won't be making these again since they didn't really stand out in my mind as anything special.  Almost like a nice way to dispose of apples that are on their way out. 

Do you like raisins in your cookies / breads?

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