Friday, August 15, 2014

Pre-packed Toddler Lunches

This week I’m going to show you how to save a ton of time, and space in your fridge, by making your toddler lunches ahead of time.  This is great for stay at home moms or working moms who send their kids to preschool!
I purchased 10 three compartment containers at the dollar store but you can use whichever type of compartment container you like.
This is a great way to teach kids healthy eating habits, portion control and is especially great for toddlers who have developed the ‘pincer’ grasp.  I will often bring the empty container to a restaurant as a plate for Kidster to eat our food out of.  When it’s time to leave I can just put the lid on it and go!
This is a great way to pack up leftover dinner into pre-packed Kidster lunches/dinners. I also use a grease pencil / China marker to write on the front of the box what they are for so if Hubster is on his own with Kidster for a day he knows which box is which!
The big section is for veggies, the smaller
sections for grains, meat, starches, and fruit.
These containers stack really well in the fridge and take up very little space.  I have one stack for lunches, and one for snacks!  When we go on a play date I can just reach in and grab a pre-packed box and I know Kidster and Little Man will have full bellies! The containers shown have frozen->steamed veggies, grilled sausage, and ranch style beans. The colorful containers really make eating fun and the food looks appetizing!  These are pretty great for a mom trying to get rid of the baby weight, too!  Just pack up a few Mom boxes with fruit, veggies, yogurt, or pasta.  We get hungry too!
Check back next Friday when I share my $10 Dollar Store shopping list for kid friendly fun!
What is YOUR favorite way to make yummy toddler meals?

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  1. How creative and what a good idea! Do you refrigerate or freeze them?


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