Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2 Ingredient Pancakes

I keep running across these ‘2 ingredient’ pancakes all over the internets.  Kidster is a huge fan of bananas but she really needs more protein in her breakfast to fill her up and keep her going!

It’s pretty simple:

  • One banana
  • Two eggs
  • splash of vanilla (my own preference)

Blend it all together.  I used my Baby Bullet Blender that I received as a gift for my baby shower.  I actually use it all the time. 





Just blend away! You could also use a fork or whisk.









I used a tablespoon for the first ‘pancake’.  Just to make sure the pancakes are the same size.





IMG_3196It was really hard to tell when the pancake was ‘ready’.
Even though the edges were browned
it still stuck to the pan. IMG_3197

After a few failed attempts at getting the pancake so stay a pancake shape I made it into a crepe style pancake instead.




I have to say that this pancake is not something that I will make instead of pancakes.  I will, however, use it as a crepe!  Next time I will put some jam or fruit in the middle.  Or maybe some cream cheese!

Check back next week when I make Meat Free Tuna Salad!

What is YOUR favorite pancake recipe?


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