Friday, August 8, 2014

Cardboard Crafts

Today’s Fun Kid Friday is brought to you by my lovely friend McMommy (she recommended the Nutella stuffed French toast) and my other lovely friend VeggieMama. 

I haven’t been as ‘crafty’ as usual since I’ve been dealing with a weird sciatic nerve thing.  Thankfully these two ladies have been having some fun with their kids and were more than happy to share.


Toilet paper roll + Paint + Googly Eyes = A snake and an octopus!




A giant cardboard box + $7 in supplies from the Dollar Tree = a new play house/flower shop/market stand for my kid.


I really need to get a move on and buy some paint for kids projects! 

Be sure to visit next Tuesday when I show you how to cut down your toddler food preparation time!

What is YOUR favorite thing to do with leftover cardboard?


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