Thursday, August 7, 2014

Product Endorsement: Thirty-One Gifts

When I had my baby shower for Kidster I received a ton of Amazon gift cards.  Wooohooo! Right? I really wanted a super cute, super handy diaper bag.  BUT Hubster seemed to feel left out of the Amazon spending spree and he had mentioned that he really liked Fisher Price FastFinder Diaper Backpack.  So I bought it.  He wasn’t nearly as excited about it as I had hoped.  After all I had ‘sacrificed’ my dream diaper bag Soho Soren The Owl 6 in 1!  I guess in my addled pregnant mind I had transformed my Hubster into a squealing bag and shoe loving lady person.  What man gets excited about a DIAPER BAG?  None.  I’ve dealt with the bag as long as I could, 18 months actually.  It’s super handy, don’t get me wrong.  Kidster will use it as an overnight bag for years I’m sure.  Lots of zippered pockets, etc.  I spent the next year and half packing and repacking all manner of bags that I would find around the house or were given to me.  Nothing really soothed the frantic mom lady in my head who could never find her wallet on a play date!

When you’re out and about with toddlers it’s much different than with infants.  Toddlers want things, they WANT things NOW!  I really loved the Soho Soren because it had a ton of ‘quick grab’ pockets on the outside.  Kind of like a mom toolbelt.  Well ladies and gentlemen I’ve finally purchased the diaper bag of my dreams.  This is actually something that not just mom type people would want either.  It would be perfect for going to outdoor festivals, the beach, tradeshows, or traveling out of town.

My friend, McMommy, is a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts and I recently hosted an online only (no scrambling to clean the house, make nibblies or take a shower!) Facebook ‘party’ for her products.  I really liked the catalog and figured I might get a bit of a discount or free stuff.  Wowie wowie! I spent less than $60 and got three amazing bags!  An owl lunch thermal, a really awesome mom purse and the super amazing awesome Zip Top Organizing Tote.  This thing is serious. 

I took it on it’s maiden voyage to the Barnes and Noble story time, lunch and playground trip.  It was like the heavens opened and Jeff Buckley was singing “Hallelujah”.  It’s the little things that make a mom happy right?

Here are few photos of the diaper bag of wonderfulness:

IMG_7214What is that you might ask?  It’s a travel container for Kidster’s “bbbboooon”.  Also known as spoons.  Oh, and a bib of course.  That pocket to the right is holding my iPhone 5c quite nicely too.



Those are Little Man’s shoes hanging out on the mesh pocket on the end.  Pretty freaking cute huh?  He never needs them since most toddler playgrounds are “No Shoes”.  But at least we have them when we need them.







Hoo Hoo is that? That is Kidsters totally NOT spill proof owl straw cup. I don’t have to worry about that now since it has it’s own little place to hang out. 

My sunglasses are hiding on the left and Little Man’s cup is on the right.


That brings us back around to the other side.  Aren’t Kidsters star Mary Jane’s the cutest?  She loves them.  She’s always trying to put them on.  Getting pretty good at it too. 








But wait!  There’s more!  The inside has a vinyl layer so leaks are super easy to clean.  I’ve got diapers, wipes, diaper trash bags, wallet, cash, and a cute owl thermal lunch bag with snacks being kept cold.

So enough about this fantastic diaper bag ‘o’ happiness.  I just wanted to share! If you are interested in maybe hosting an online only Thirty-One Gifts party so you can get great products that make life a bit easier be sure to message me so I can give you McMommy’s ‘deets’ as the kids are saying these days.

What is YOUR favorite “Tupperware Party” type product?


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