Monday, March 10, 2014

Lemon Crinkle Cookies

I couldn't help myself I tell ya!  I had made the plain ole' back of the package chocolate chip cookies for a playgroup I was hosting on Tuesday.  Being the classy lady that I am I was not going to show up for a play group with 'used' cookies!  The weather has been dreary and grey and I had a cute little lemon in a bowl with some other sunny fruits so I thought, why not find a cookie recipe with Lemon?  No good reason came to mind.  So I found this little gem: Lemon Crinkle Cookies .  They reached out to the grey weather and beat it down.  Today the sun is out and it's all blue skies and crisp air.  I think they worked!

These cookies are amazing.  Just a hint of lemon but enough that you KNOW it's there.  No box of cake mix required like other lemon cookie recipes.  These are straight up 'from scratch' and easy as pie..or cake... whichever.

When life hands you lemons zest the crap out of it and squeeze the juice into COOKIES!
I learned how to zest a lemon using a box shredder/slicer/zester.  The internets are amazing when it comes to tidbits of kitchen know how.  I sliced it in half and squeezed out the juice.  Poor little guy!

Why yes, my flour and sugar ARE stored in old Folgers cans.  And yes.  Those ARE two Lone Star Beers....
I set the cream and butter to creamin'.  The wisk is moving so fast it's invisible!

Crazy fast wisk action for ya!
After all the ingredients have been mixed up rill rill good you make cute little balls and roll them in powdered sugar.  The recipe said 1/2 a cup but I had about 1/4 left over that I didn't want to reuse since it had just rolled around in raw egg.  One must be safe in the kitchen!

Serious looking cookies!
After they come out of the oven you leave them to cool for about 3 minutes on the baking sheet.  It's hard to leave them there THAT long but you MUST!

The most amazing lemon cookies you'll ever have!  
I think the rolling of the cookies into balls is what really makes them the prettiest.  I might have to give up the two spoon drop and start rollin'rollin'rolling!  It just seems to make the cookies more uniform.

You must make these.  Make them today.  You will NOT be sorry!

By the way, I have a habit of mailing my cookies to my friends whenever I make them.  I can only fit 2 cookies in an envelope but hey, I'm not a cookie service!  I just want to share yummyess.  If you'd like me to mail cookies to you please email your name and address where I can send them.  I can't guarantee that they'll arrive in perfect condition but they will be in a plastic zip-lock bag so they won't be, you know, tainted.  

What are you favorite Springtime treats?


  1. My husband's favorite springtime treat is cadbury cream eggs--but they are too rich for me! The lemon crinkles were light and refreshing, a REAL treat!;)

    1. My sister and Hubster both love those things! *Shiver* I can't eat them, just too much sugar, they make feel a bit ill.

      These lemon crinkles were so good whenever I see a lemon I think about them. I'm sure I'll make them again, they were so good! I might try using a lime and maraschino cherry juice next time for a 'cherry limeade' type flavor. I have trouble making the same thing exactly the same way twice!

      Oh man, now I want some!


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