Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mini Cheese Omelet

It seems like I keep finding cute recipes that involve a mini muffin tin.  Well I'm a Texan.  I only ever had the large muffin tin!  On our recent family grocery trip I decided to buy a mini.  I raced home and to my dismay I didn't really see any recipes that struck my fancy.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" Plato is thought to have said.  Well he was a smart cookie. "Mothers invent because of necessity" this Momster is saying right now!

I want to feed Little Man and Kidster yummy healthy high protein breakfasts but like the mom in this blog post Egg and Cheese Mini Omelets I don't have time to sit at the stove and make omelets or scrambled egg every morning.  Evidently these are wonderful even when frozen and reheated.

So I went for it.  At 7:30am I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to get the day started.  I found this recipe and preheated the oven.

I decided to half the recipe because I only have Little Man today and tomorrow and on the weekend Hubster makes "Big Breakfast" as he calls it. Those little tins are really LITTLE!

So three eggs were cracked, 1.5T of milk were measured and bit of S&P were tossed in.  I whisked them all together into a merry little soup.  The original recipe said to add the cheese later. Well that just seemed silly! I didn't measure the cheese because it called for 1/3 cup and I didn't have a 1/6 cup around so I just picked up some cheese and I threw it into the soup.  Poured the bowl into a Pyrex measuring cup because who doesn't love something with a proper spout?

I wish I'd followed the directions.  The cheese acted liked a sieve. (stupid giant shreds!  Next time I'll by the finer shredded cheese.)  All of the egg came out first until the last few cups that were pretty much mostly cheese.  I had overfilled the first cup, which was mostly egg.  So I ended up having to do a bit of crisis control.  Spoon out some egg from the overfilled cup into the other ones.  Add some cheese, having to break the little shreds in half.  Wipe the drippings. You know the drill.

Next time follow the directions!
I baked them at 350 for 8 minutes.  When the buzzer went off I checked on them.  This is what I found!  They were still really 'wet' looking so I figured another 2 minutes wouldn't hurt.
"It's ALIVE!"
I was right.  After 2 more minutes they looked a lot more omelets and had a few bits of brown at the edge.  Kidster doesn't really like eggs in the first place so I have to make sure they aren't 'slimy'.

As PeeWee would say, "Mmmmm, Eggy!"
Cool for a few minutes on the wire rack according to the lady in the blog post.  Aye Aye captain! They do deflate a bit so don't worry about trying to serve you kid or hubby a weird mushroom shaped omelet.

As we speak they are now cooling on the rack looking quite tasty and cheesy.  I will update this when Little Man and Kidster have sampled them.  I'm crossing my fingers! If these work out next time I'll put spinach in them or mushrooms.  Maybe just for the adults. 

What's YOUR favorite thing to make in a Mini Tin?


Texas China!  They popped right out super easily!

Success!  Kidster LOVES them!

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