Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Homemade "Goldfish" Crackers

The convenience of buying a bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers for the little ones to snack is a wonderful thing. But when you look at the label they have nonfat milk and vegetable oil. They are also really high in sodium. I'm not going on a rant here about why all of that is bad.  I just know that my Kidster is skinny and needs good fat! 

So rather than buy something that has doesn't have good fats and also has some other stuff that I'm not clear about I figured I would try to make my own!  Another mom friend of mine posted this recipe after she had tried it so I figured it would be pretty easy.  I was right!  (Aren't I always?)

Here is the recipe for "Homemade Goldfish Crackers"

You will need a food processor for this.  If you don't have one I would borrow one from a friend who probably hasn't used theirs since the 90's.

Just shredded cheese (FULL fat!), butter, flour and a little salt!

Pulse until a 'sandy texture'. 

Add 1T, pulse.  Then 1T pulse. 
I totally forgot to take a picture of the lovely little doughball wrapped in plastic.  I did however hold it in front of Hubsters face and say, "It's a goldfish bowl!" ...  He was not amused. Be sure to chill the ball for 20 minutes.  It makes it a lot easier to work with.  Don't forget about it though or it will be too hard! (I did that with cookies on Christmas Eve and it was a mess!)

My local Randall's/Safeway had a cute kids baking set with a mini cookie sheet, mini rolling pin and about 8 different types of mini cookie cutters.  Kind of weird that they had the symbols from a deck of cards, but I'm not going to be picky, especially when there are hearts!  It was originally $13 but I've been keeping my eye on it and the night I was going to make these they were on sale for $7!  Woohoo! If you don't have any mini cookie cutters I'm sure you could use a pizza cutter and just make squares. 

I noticed that the thinner the dough the crispier the cracker.  Of course at the end I have a small bit that I just rolled into a rope and smooshed.  That was the mommy and daddy cracker. It was bit more biscuit-y in the middle but delicious!

Fun shapes!

These were a bit over cooked but still delicious!

So much fun to make!  And soooo good!
I was lucky to keep enough aside to mail out!  Hubster ate more than his fair share and the whole batch of about 130 crackers was gone in less than two days.  Next time I'll have to make them when he isn't home so the Kidster can have more!  I might make them with half flour and half baby rice cereal to add in more vitamins and minerals.  These will be a fun baking project with her when she gets older, who doesn't like to roll out dough and cut it into pretty shapes?  I might even add some paprika or other seasonings next time. 

What is you favorite flavor Goldfish cracker?

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